Montag, 16. Juli 2012

Inspired by Tibi

So this mint colored beauty was inspired actually at first from a pinafore with a circular neck i saw here...
 But when my circular collar didn't quite turn out like i wanted it to... (looked ultimately crappy to say the least...) probably because I'm not the wizz at sewing, that i wish i was... i let my neckless mint wonder lie around for a couple of weeks before i found inspiration to finally finish the neck/shoulders in a different way... I freestyled the whole thing, no pattern xD i tend to do things like that a lot ;) So here is my short linen mint summer dress :D
No pictures of me wearing it yet ;) But I'll add those as soon as I have the chance. Cant wait to wear this one :D
Mint Sleeveless Maxi from Tibi

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